2017 is already flying by and I want to use my first ever blog as an opportunity to say a huge thank you to all my customers for making 2016 such an enjoyable year for me. You have all been a real pleasure to work with.   

Over the year I created well over 100 family trees with customers worldwide. The trees have each been unique, some quite challenging in terms of the diversity of members being included, some incredibly moving with the very layout of the tree telling stories of tragic loss and also courage and survival in times of conflict and all extremely rewarding, especially when reading your feedback and looking at your photos.   

It seems recipients are quite often moved to tears on seeing their loved ones celebrated in this way and realising the thought and consideration that the customers have put into creating such a personal gift.   

I have created trees featuring more dogs than people, illustrated with a subtle paw print.  Dedications below the tree have included touching psalms, moving quotes, entire verses of 'Bridge over Troubled Water' and extracts from Winnie The Pooh. 

The record number of names included in a tree stands at around 130, which, together with dates and place of birth and death, was one of the most challenging projects of the year but it worked out beautifully.   

The longest individual name included in a tree was an impressive 42 characters (a Hawaiian gentleman).   

Looking forward to another year of celebration of our unique families past and present!